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How to Choose the Best Photo Book for Every Occasion

Photo Book

Life is full of unforgettable events, from birthday parties and graduations to weddings and anniversary celebrations. It is crucial to keep them in mind so what better option to do that than by using the picture book creator. In this article we’ll assist you in deciding on the best photo book you want to make to commemorate these events and also provide suggestions regarding the layout, design dimensions, and size of the cover to utilize.


Most people will agree that your wedding day is the most memorable and important day of their lives and it’s important to present it in the most professional way. By creating a photobook, you can keep all the memorable moments of your wedding and preserve your memories for years to follow. Here are some things to consider when you are creating a book of photos for your wedding day

  • size and format: You should choose at minimum an XL photo book square to ensure you have enough space to showcase photographs from your day.
  • Theme There is more than 100 wedding themed backgrounds masks, backgrounds, and clip art to pick from.
  • Cover The most effective cover to your book of photos is the most loved photo of that wedding i.e. an image of the groom and bride.


There’s nothing better to commemorate your anniversary than by creating the photo book. It is because a photo book is a collection of all the memorable moments you had with your partner during the event. If you are making a book of photos for your anniversary, take into consideration the following:

  • Dimensions and Format: A large portrait book is the perfect option to commemorate anniversaries.
  • theme: We provide more than 80 romantic clip art pieces and borders to pick from.
  • Covers: Choose the red linen cover to commemorate anniversaries. You can also include dates on your cover.
  • Pages Glossy Pages play an essential role in creating beautiful colour depth.


Photo books are ideal to keep your two-week pictures of camping or month-long excursions across the globe. If you’re creating a book of photos for your holiday, make sure to take note of:

  • size and format: Choose an XL landscape to allow room for every holiday photo you take.
  • Covers: Opt for a family photo from a special occasion and be sure to include the date as well as the special location you visited.
  • Pages Lay flat sheets are perfect for panorama shots. They also let you print your landscape images with no interruptions across two pages.

New Baby

The initial few days, weeks and even months of your baby’s existence are extremely important. By using a photobook, you can effortlessly capture the precious moments of your baby to look back on for years to follow. Here are some things to think about when designing your baby’s photobook:

  • Format and size: Go for the L-landscape to allow enough room to showcase the majority of your child’s professional photos .
  • theme: We have a wide selection of infant clip arts, such as cute tiny doodles as well as adorable animals that are ideal to make a baby’s photobook.
  • The Cover Make certain to choose the most memorable photo of your child to use to cover.


Custom-designed photo books aren’t solely used to keep the precious memories of friends and family members, but they are a great coffee table book, or as a unique gift for your loved ones to remember the memorable moments that were created over the years. Additionally, Mixbook offers tons of options with various layouts and designs to create a photo book that is appropriate for any event.